the one-minute meditator

quiet the mind....focus on the moment....stay mindful

Take a minute . . . while stuck in traffic, while waiting in line, while walking to your car, while waking to a new day . . . to meditate.

Learn how . . . from The One-Minute Meditator, a simple guide to meditation by David Nichol, MD, and Bill Birchard, a fresh way to teach yourself to relieve stress and find meaning in everyday life.

Step by step . . . The One-Minute Meditator reveals where stress comes from, how to meditate in short increments to relieve that stress, and how to inspire yourself to make meditation a part of your daily routine.

Easy to read and fast-paced . . . The One-Minute Meditator is based on the latest medical research on the benefits of meditation. Authors Nichol and Birchard offer an easy, secular plan to learn an age-old skill to subdue stress.

Meditate now . . . If you have one or five or ten minutes to spare, get started right away. Click below to listen to Dr. Nichol’s one-minute introduction to meditation.

"An excellent introduction to meditation. Elegantly clear and helpful instructions to discover a lifetime of inner ease and mindfulness, one minute at a time." --Jack Kornfield, author, After the Ecstasy, The Laundry and A Path With Heart

"...a simple and sound approach for beginners seeking to discover meditation." --David Rouse, Booklist.

“...most fervent in describing the way training one's mind can decrease stress." --Deirdre Donahue, USA Today